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Lucky Wheel Spin
100% Wining Rate. Up to $2022 bonus is waiting for you!

Lucky Wheel Spin

100% wining rate
up to $2022 bonus in one spin.

Point Rewards

Lifetime Points Reward
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Every deposit of $500 and above or follow a strategy successfully can get a chance to spin the Lucky Wheel.

>> Promotion <<

Promotion Period:00:00 1st March 2022 – 00:00 1st April 2022 (GMT+2)

Participants:All WeTrade Clients

Promotion:During the promotion period, all client gets a chance to spin the Lucky Wheel once with every deposit of $500 and above or successfully follow a WeTrade Social Strategy. The Lucky Wheel has 100% unlimited wining rate, highest prize up to $2022 cash in one spin.

>> Terms&Conditions <<

  1. This promotion is exclusive with other monthly reward promotions.

  2. Successfully follow a WeTrade Social Strategy means the client has to follow an active WeTrade Social Strategy during the promotion period for more than 24 hours uninterrupted (excluding weekends) to get one chance to spin the Lucky Wheel, only available once for each client.

  3. Internal transfers are not considered as deposit.

  4. The bonus rewarded in USD will be credited directly into the client's e-wallet. The client may keep the bonus in the e-wallet, internal transfer to MT4 and use it for trading or submit a withdrawal.

  5. The client must complete the number of spins obtained before 00:00 3rd April 2022(GMT+2). Number of spins will be expired and cleared after the abovesaid time.

  6. Once the spin begins, it cannot be stopped or reversed, please do not close the window before you see the lucky wheel finish rotating. If you are forced to quit due to network reasons during the rotation of the lucky wheel, the number of spins will be deducted normally and the results will still be valid. You can go to [View List of Prizes Received] to check the reward record.

  7. WeTrade has the right to disqualify any client and reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign or cancel it at any time without prior notice.

Risk warning: Forex and CFD products have market risks, and leverage products may not be suitable for all clients. Please read our risk statement.